366 photos- day 20 – Winter

Winter is finally here. The skeletons of the milkweed pods look so beautiful against the snow. I let the milkweed in my garden stay, even though it can make the garden look messy. I’m always hoping that leaving it there will invite a few Monarch butterflies to come and hang out with us. So these beautiful pods open up and spread they’re downy seeds into our yard. It’s nice to know they’re waiting there in the ground, biding their time until spring.
Have a beautiful day.


Photo Of The Day… Snow White Redux

A couple of days ago, I showed pictures of my snowy white world, and said I was going to the studio to play with white enamel …

I tried to use mostly whites and neutral colors and made a classic ornate inspired by the winter landscape.

This is one of the beads that came out of that session…


So, it’s back to the torch today…. I’m running out of time to make more beads for my upcoming trip!

Have a beautiful day!!


Having so much fun this morning…

The snow has stopped, and the sun came out, so I hauled on a pair of boots,

grabbed my camera and a shovel… (The camera was a reward for shoveling the walk) and headed out into the winter wonderland that is my world.

3 storms in a row in New England, and we’re buried. I love it! ┬áMy aching back is worth it.

Beauty surrounds me.




I think I’ll go downstairs into the studio and pull out the white enamel for today’s torch session…