Video from the studio today…

Tried getting back on the horse today, and only fell off once. I plugged back into the Ustream live feed, and apparently I can only record for so long before it just disconnects. When I tried to re-connect, it only recorded the sound. So I just deleted the second one. I’m not sure if it was an iPhone limitation, or a Ustream one, but I’ll check it out. Either way, it was fun, and a little nerve wracking to be on live. Pretty sure only one person showed up, but that’s ok. I like it when I forget I’m on, and just start to work. You can tell when that happens, because I start singing ( my apologies) and my hands stop shaking. 🙂

Will try again tomorrow. I really like doing it. it keeps me focused, and on task. I feel as if I had better keep working if someone may be watching, and as a result, I get more done. So… if you’re interested, the channel is at the following link:
If you click the link, it will take you to the last video recorded, or to the live show if I’m currently on.

Here’s a screen shot from today:



As promised, here are a few of the beads from yesterday’s online studio session, as well as the totem for hubby’s eye doctor… I’ll be back live again today in a little bit. Have a great day everyone!


Ugh! These pics looked much better on my iphone… oh well…the eyeball is much cooler in person…LOL


I’ve been neglecting you… my poor blog.

And I’ll tell you why:  I’ve been exploring technology, and have been hanging out on UStream.

I’ve been broadcasting live from my studio on UStream…. and it’s been SO FUN!

What that means is, I have been working in my studio, and recording my play sessions live online.

It has been wonderful for me. I’m able to work, and because people are watching, it means that I manage to stay on task, and can focus on making sure that I’m doing my best work….( disclaimer: I will still screw up….I promise you….it will happen.)

But I feel like if people are watching, they shouldn’t be wasting their time, so I suppose I try a little harder.

Here are a few FAQs….

1: If you click on my link from facebook, there are a couple of things that can happen…. if you click on the “play” triangle from the picture, it will play within the framework of facebook, and you wont be able to see the chat window from Ustream… but if you click on the link “title” it will take you to Ustream and you can chat and share in the conversation from that webstream.

2: I absolutely love hearing from you…. it’s fun to answer questions and respond to your good wishes…. it’s my favorite part.

3: I’m always happy to answer questions about what I’m doing…. just like in class, I don’t hold back techniques or “secret” recipes for what I do…

4: However… this is just a live feed from my studio, and I’m not going to do a running commentary on absolutely everything I do…. that is what class is for, and that’s why I teach. So, this is not a replacement for class.

5. I absolutely LOVE doing this, and I hope to do it most every day…. we’ll see how it goes. I love sharing my day with you, and I really hope you find something helpful you can take away from my broadcasts…

6: My plan is to post my work from the previous days work here on my blog.

7: If you go to my show page which is at, the last show I did will automatically start playing. That does not mean it is live, it’s just the last thing I did.

subscribe to my twitter acct. if you want to be told when I go online….my user name on twitter is ‘beadmaker”. I will also let you know via facebook when I’m live.


6: Hugs to you, …… and thanks.

ps: these are a couple of hippy chicks that I made yesterday…