Farmer’s Market Day…

Yesterday was our town’s weekly Farmer’s market…I LOVE the farmer’s market.

I Rode my bike into town and got some stuff… organic….local….yummy….stuff.

All strapped in and ready for home.

I bought: Macoun apples…Red  Dragon carrots…Swiss Chard…cabbage… Fresh farm made Gruyere cheese…and finally, because I couldn’t resist, a couple of White Chocolate, pineapple scones from the B&B across the street from me. The same B&B where you’ll hopefully be staying when I get my act together and offer classes in my studio… The Dragonfly Inn B&B. I dont know how anyone could have resisted them. ( I’m eating one now with my coffee as I write this…heaven)

Dinner last night consisted of …

Lightly sauteed Swiss Chard w/ garlic

Brown sugar glazed carrots

and Apple, onion and cheddar quiche.

I was a happy girl.



Every year, on the 3rd of July, our town has a bonfire on the town common.

An independence day tradition with a fun band… this time it was a a Rod Stewart tribute band  with Rick Larrimore as Rod Stewart….They were a lot of fun! You can see for yourself here:

I was working at the Lion’s Club stand selling hotdogs and popcorn etc. , so I wasn’t able to take the pics, but hubby did a wonderful job capturing the event for me. ( I did get one picture of the beautiful rainbow on my way to the concert, with the rainbow ending incredibly at the bandstand) :


On the left edge of the picture, you can see part of the bonfire before it was lit.

Per usual, our town put on another memorable event. Did I mention that I love my town????


The fire is safely started and attended by the F ire department…





Rick Larrimore……


It was a grand evening in my sweet town….

I hope you all had a lovely holiday… peace from West Brookfield….


Home is Where the Frogs Are….

Just back from the Asparagus Festival here in town… it was great this year… more vendors as well. It seems to be growing each year… Yay! Somehow I missed the maypole dance this year, but I did catch the frog jumping contest, and that rocked. 🙂
I had a wonderful time… wish you were here 🙂





Wonderful vendors with plants and handcrafted treasures….



And of course.. the frog jumping contest with LOTS of slimy frogs… Wheeeee!




Just give him a little poke to get him hopping!


I loved it 🙂

Diederek Leertouwer(see last post)  even showed up and chatted a bit with me.


And to top it all off, I met a fellow lampworker who was doing some VERY cool stuff with glass and metal. Her name is Katie Richardson, and she’s on etsy…. etsy id: katierayart.

Isn’t this piece rockin’ ??