What’s up Ya’ll ?

I’m practicing my southern accent because I’m headed down to Atlanta in October to teach for Southern Flames…. a very special chapter of the ISGB.

And guess what? There are a couple of spots left in the class. One of them is meant for you of course… so get on over there and check it out before they’re all gone!

Here are a couple of images of what we’ll be making:

And More!!!

We’ll be making twigs…. and feathers… and whatever your little heart desires.

There’s nothing I won’t show you in class….. just ask.


Emilio Santini

I’m taking a class with Emilio Santini… So far it has been such an inspiring experience! The focus of the class is the human form and I’ve learned so much already! His control is amazing to watch. Just wanted to pop in and say “hi” … More pics to come.