Oh Right, I have a blog… better get on that.

It’s been a while. I’m slowly waking up from my time off, and starting to get back to work. For a while there, I was running out of steam and inspiration, and instead of getting worried about it, I took some time off to get my head together, and make room for new ideas.

My muse has returned from wherever she wandered off to. She hasn’t told me where she travelled, but it has something to do with ancient places and magical realms. When she started unpacking her bags, all of these wonderful forms and textures tumbled out, and I’ve been helping her document and archive them. Now it’s time to put them to work. It feels good.

So, it’s into the studio today with a solid plan and overflowing inspiration….

Thank you, my beautiful Muse, and welcome home.



The Dungeon….

A peek behind the curtain so that when I say that I am headed down into the dungeon, you’ll know I really mean it…

Here are some shots of my studio.

On my¬†Ta Da! list someday is a basement re-do with LOTS of light…. for now, I slap a hump on my back, bang down the stairs and hang out with the spiders and their friends.





Oh, dear God….


:: Shudder::




And those are the stairs that you can hear me banging up and down on when I take a quick break during my broadcasts.

Welcome to my world… LOL!

Glamourous isn’t it?

Nesting Instinct…

nesting1A new nesting sculpture is done. I really like the look of the wire woven nest on this one.
I’m cleaning out the basement today…. we’ll be turning it into my new studio…. a few challenges are involved…. figuring out some kind of a pump system for a sink, so I can have one down there…as it’s below the septic system, and installing a drop ceiling, and water sealing the walls and floor.
Lots to do, but it should be great when it’s finished… a LOT more room!
So I’m doing a bit of nesting as well….. feels good.
Have a great weekend!!