Friday Morning snapshots…

Good morning…




Hope you all have a beautiful day…



Home is Where the Frogs Are….

Just back from the Asparagus Festival here in town… it was great this year… more vendors as well. It seems to be growing each year… Yay! Somehow I missed the maypole dance this year, but I did catch the frog jumping contest, and that rocked. 🙂
I had a wonderful time… wish you were here 🙂





Wonderful vendors with plants and handcrafted treasures….



And of course.. the frog jumping contest with LOTS of slimy frogs… Wheeeee!




Just give him a little poke to get him hopping!


I loved it 🙂

Diederek Leertouwer(see last post)  even showed up and chatted a bit with me.


And to top it all off, I met a fellow lampworker who was doing some VERY cool stuff with glass and metal. Her name is Katie Richardson, and she’s on etsy…. etsy id: katierayart.

Isn’t this piece rockin’ ??



It’s asparagus season here in my little town. I just picked my first round from my own asparagus patch, and roasted them up with olive oil, salt and pepper. There’s nothing like it in the world. Yummmmmm.

DSC02754This time of year is a big deal in my town. A Dutchman named Diederik Leertouwer brought asparagus to our town from his homeland back in the 1780s , and we celebrate that momentous event every year in May. If you didn’t know this yet, I just ADORE my town. So anyway…. this weekend is the annual Asparagus Festival… asparagus, pony rides, flowers, a may dance, and a frog jumping contest are all part of the fun and I’m so looking forward to it!

Here are a few pics from last year to get you in the mood….

5-14-09dThat’s Hubby and his friend 🙂

5-14-09eMaypole Dancers

5-14-09fAnd their beautiful handiwork.

I’ll be there again for sure! Will you?

Can You Smell Them?

8-13-09cCan You?

Here…. Get closer… How about now?


I so don’t want the lilac season to end…… Breathing in every sweet minute…..

The rest of the garden’s not too shabby either!

My new apricot roses… a big fat pink daisy, and African daisies too!




I’m taking this month off from teaching, and it’s been so wonderful to dig my hands down into the earth. My gardens have been neglected for the last couple of years, and the poor things are strangling to death under leaves and grass.  My mom got me a gift certificate from Lowe’s for my birthday….a perfect gift for me… tools, hardware and flowers!! It doesn’t get any better than that! I spent every penny on plants to refurbish and renew my little corner of paradise! Go outside today and Breeeeaaathe!