The Good, The Bad, and The WTF?


Where did he come from? I knew there were sneaky things happening in the kiln last night when I was sleeping.

It’s the weirdest thing…. I used to make drawings like that when I was little. People with unusually huge jaw structures ….lol…and here they are again. Well, I suppose with all the goofy stuff I was playing with yesterday, my inner child wanted desperately to play too, and she did. Actually, I just ran across a bunch of art that my mom saved from when I was little… It would be fun to scan and post it ….maybe later on 🙂

More bits n’ pieces today… I feel like Frankenstein. I made a hollow bird body with wings, and I’ve been switching heads around on it …..What do you think?


or maybe……


On a less freaky note, I like the new feet on my birds… they’re working out well. Not only are they stronger, but I like the way the huge feet look on them.



Silly Rabbit…..

Trix Box

The Pismo Fine Art Gallery is giving other art galleries a reason to be beady eyed — a month-long exhibition that features dozens of artists from around the world presenting the finest in bead-related artwork.

“Lots of people are fascinated with beads,” said Sandy Sardella, owner of the Pismo Fine Art Gallery. “I think what we wanted was an event that everybody could enjoy and appreciate.”

The Bead Invitational has gotten bigger every year since it started in 2005, said Sardella. The annual event has expanded to include 50 artists that hail from countries like Israel, Switzerland, Germany and the United States.

All of the artwork, which ranges from beads that start at $12 to museum quality sculptures that cost $10,000, is functional in some way.

The Bead Invitational has become a cornerstone of the gallery, with people asking throughout the year when the next bead show will be, according to Sardella. Because of the event’s popularity, the Pismo Fine Art Gallery plans on dedicating every May to the invitational.


Pismo Fine Art Gallery has been around for 19 years, and its longevity is a testament to the popularity of glass as an art form. The family owned and operated business has four locations in Colorado, one in Denver and three in the mountains. Although the gallery features a majority of glass-related artwork, there are a few paintings and non-glass sculptures, too.

“I’ve been in business for 19 years, so yeah, glass artwork is pretty popular,” Sardella said. “It’s a medium that both men and women like, and then kids like it, too, because of the color. It’s got a little something for everybody”

The Bead Invitational

Where: Pismo Fine Art Gallery

When: Through May 31st