Inspiration at the airport…

Got Buttons? Inspiration is everywhere… I found these wonderful sculptures by Lauren Levy displayed at Austin’s airport during my recent trip.
I also saw Toca Rivera there too, but was too chicken to whip out my camera. Been kicking myself ever since…





Meet The Girls…

Well here they are…. my work from Emilio Santini’s class…

I’m rather proud of myself if I do say so… ๐Ÿ™‚ Far from perfect, but I feel pretty good about them. I also made a horse, but unfortunately, it was so lame it had to be put down.

I don’t know what the deal with the bird heads are…. geez! me and birds…. ( a la Luccio Bubacco’s Fantasy series I suppose, but I couldn’t seem to stop adding them on! )

The Good, The Bad, and The WTF?


Where did he come from? I knew there were sneaky things happening in the kiln last night when I was sleeping.

It’s the weirdest thing…. I used to make drawings like that when I was little. People with unusually huge jaw structures ….lol…and here they are again. Well, I suppose with all the goofy stuff I was playing with yesterday, my inner child wanted desperately to play too, and she did. Actually, I just ran across a bunch of art that my mom saved from when I was little… It would be fun to scan and post it ….maybe later on ๐Ÿ™‚

More bits n’ pieces today… I feel like Frankenstein. I made a hollow bird body with wings, and I’ve been switching heads around on it …..What do you think?


or maybe……


On a less freaky note, I like the new feet on my birds… they’re working out well. Not only are they stronger, but I like the way the huge feet look on them.


Bits n’ Pieces…

I’ve been scouring through my boxes and bins, and gathering together all the little bits and pieces of projects that never came to completion… little ideas I had on the torch…. there’s a LOT of them. Eggs, birds, feathers, heads, tails and wheels… and my mind is on fire with ideas.



I love this part of creation. I’ve been taking the month off from teaching and haven’t spent a lot of time on the torch either. I’ve been enjoying hearth and home, and my garden,ย  but now I’m getting itchy. I can only spend so much time away from the bench before I get a little crazy. So it’s back to the torch. I started a piece yesterday, and the first parts of it are out of the kiln. It’s weird stuff, but it’s making me smile, so it’s all good.

I’ve been inspired my Teesha Moore’sย  zettiology images for the last couple of days… well obsessed really, and have been sitting down to the torch with her catalog by my side… What fun!

The piece I’m working on will be an androgynous being… on wheels… bird perched on the head. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m trying to figure out the wheel assembly, and I think I have it. We’ll see. It will be a couple more days until it’s completed. More heads today… might be a bird’s head on the body instead.. not sure. With feathers perhaps!


On another subject… I have a new bird design that I love…withย  tail feathers!


And I’ve found a solution to the feet problem I’ve been having, so the foot design has changed. They’re much more solid. If anyone had any issues with breakage of bird’s feet, PLEASE let me know… I’ll work out a solution. No broken little dirty birdie feet allowed! I want you to be a happy bird owner!


K….. back to work… have a great day!!!