One More….

Now in this picture, the women are definitely just a bit odd, but what really interests me are the men seated over on the left.
What’s THAT about? what is their purpose? One of them appears to have a hole in his fist… a candle goes there perhaps? Is it a cup and he’s looking for a handout?


Attack Rabbit at Salvation Army

Maybe it’s just me, but I have a fascination with knick-knacks… you know, the stuff that people choose to surround themselves with, and decorate their strange little worlds…
My favorite past-time at Salvation Army is trying to find the most bizarre and disturbing stuff.. ie: bauble, ornament, bibelot, curio, trifle, gimcrack, gewgaw, toy, novelty, whatnot, doohickey, tchotchke…. etc. and capture it forever with my trusty iphone… see previous post ” Bizarro

Is it just me, or is that cute little bunny eating that little cherub’s face??


I’m a huge fan of the Salvation Army. I shop there a LOT.  I get great things for myself… for instance , I just purchased an awesome messenger bag for travel… perfect condition… $1.50. … Can’t beat that.

I also get a lot of clothes for my son who is growing so fast, I can’t keep him in jeans for more than 5-6 months.

In my travels, I’ve become fascinated  by what some people will buy…  or not, (as most of what I take pictures of may be sitting there for some time … at least I hope so.)

Sometimes it’s quite terrifying. For a while I was fixated on clowns: I mean….they’re supposed to be joyous and glee-filled symbols…….What kind of masochistic parent bought these for their child???




That was a clearly evil clown….


Are these supposed to invoke precious childhood memories?

I think, not.


And for a finale, I give you this gem that was there today….



I have no words…..