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thoughts 9-1-12

It’s such a tough time in America right now…. the arguments are frequent and loud. I’ve never seen such a huge division opening up between folks in my life since the civil rights movement, (and as a child, I was waist-deep in the civil rights movement, so I know division). Frankly, it’s depressing…. mostly because people are so unwilling to listen to each other. I am not in any way excusing myself from this fray…. I have been one of the worst offenders on Facebook lately, and today, I just got bone tired…… and depressed. Enough! It hurts my heart to see people embracing half-truths, and giggling over cartoons depicting “the other guy” in compromising situations. It has turned into a playground war. People have walls built up so high around them that there is no way in hell they’ll give an inch, even if they want to.

Part of me wants to just give up, and I can’t promise that I won’t occasionally post something dear to my heart that is coming up to a vote, but I’m going to try and refrain from spreading the hate. Enough is enough.

Personally, I find this, one of the great non-partisan speeches I’ve heard in a long time.
And it got me thinking…..

According to The Newsroom script, a huge number of Americans believe in Angels…. if you want a more reliable source, CBS News did a study that pins the number at 8 in 10. ( and that means that many Americans approach the real world on a very whimsical footing. I myself, believe that my sister, and mother, and too many friends that have since passed, watch over me at times….. offering encouragement and love. I’m not sure if I would call them angels, but the human in me hopes for a life past the one I am currently living, and hopes that they’re somehow out there watching over me, and in return, I am also promised a life everlasting.
I feel like I am part of a greater good. Call it God, call it Earth Energy, call it LOVE.
The problem with believing in spiritual answers, is that it taints our ability to make decisions in the here and now. It hurts our ability to make changes here in this life that would make a world of difference in the lives of our neighbors and friends who may not share that same spiritual peace of mind.
There are people out there suffering NOW. People who need our care and attention. Just because they do not share the same values as you or I, does not make them any less deserving….
An inuit asked the missionary….” If you had not taught me the word of God… if I was not a convert, would I still be a sinner?” and the missionary said, “No… for you were innocent”. So the Innuit asked. “Then why did you teach me?”

Think about that.

If the inuit was a child of god before the conversion, what reason, other than politics was there for converting them?

Above, you notice, that I said “spiritual answers” instead of ”spiritual questions”… there’s a big difference…. spiritual questions are the most natural of human behavior…. we want to know where we come from, and why….. science is also the most natural of human questions as well, and those who are converts to science are just as blessed by whatever god you subscribe.

If instead, I look at myself as described by Webster…. a citizen ,
“( citizen |ˈsitizən, -sən|(abbr.: cit. )
a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized “

Then,as a citizen, I have a very clear path. I have a responsibility to care for and support the collective group of which I am a part. I have to stand outside my own desires and adjust them to encompass my community. No matter your religion,if you read the texts carefully and thoughtfully, they all espouse a responsibility to each other. Every one. You can pick out quotes and selected bits and pieces to argue a point in any religious text, but if you take the time to talk to a believer (And I am not including extremists in any religion, for they will be found everywhere, from Bin Laden to Fred Phelps) the same basic tenants remain….. love thy neighbor…treat each other as you would be treated.

I am going to try my best from now on to be a good citizen, and do what I can to be a help, and not to hinder the best interests of my fellow citizens.


Supporting The Arts….

I can’t tell you enough how important this issue is to me.

Someone shared this clip on facebook today, and my personal feelings about this were  so eloquently expressed by Kevin Spacey that I felt the need to re-post it here as well…

I wish I had been there at The Kennnedy Center to hear his lecture….. and Congress needs to hear it too.

Please consider letting your representatives know how important funding for the Arts is…. we can’t afford to lose it.

A Piece of History…

I was going through all of my mom’s books today. A hard job… going through all of her books. My mom and I had books in common, and out of a wall’s length of bookcases, I kept a good 4 bags of books I wanted to save. … I would have kept more, but I just don’t have room. We had very similar tastes in reading material, and often shared our reading lists. I really miss sharing my literary discoveries with her.

Anyway… in almost every one of her books there was something in there as a bookmark… sometimes just a receipt, or a letter or a personal card… a doctor’s appointment note or an honest-to-goodness bookmark.

Today I found a piece of history.

In a book about the Vietnam War, I found this:

Oct.21st 1967 march on Washington

It stopped me in my tracks.  My mom was very much involved in the Civil rights and Anti-war movements in the 60s, and it brought a proud smile to my face.

I did a little research, and found a bunch of links to that day:

Wikipedia gave me this:

  • In October 1967, Stop the Draft Week resulted in major clashes at the Oakland, California induction center, and saw more than a thousand registrants return their draft cards in events across the country. The cards were delivered to the Justice Department on October 20.
  • The next day, October 21, 1967, a large demonstration took place at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. As many as 100,000 demonstrators attended the event, and at least 30,000 later marched to the Pentagon for another rally and an all night vigil. Some, including Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, attempted to “exorcise” and “levitate” the building, while others engaged in civil disobedience on the steps of the Pentagon, interrupted by clashes with soldiers and police. In all, 647 arrests were made. When a plot to airdrop 10,000 flowers on the Pentagon was foiled by undercover agents, these flowers ended up being placed in the barrels of MP’s rifles, as seen in some famous photographs[5]. Norman Mailer documented the events surrounding the march on the Pentagon in his novel, Armies of the Night.

I don’t know if she ended up attending that demonstration or not… I was 2 years old. But I’m proud of her, and I miss her.