366 Photos- Day 14 – The Tunnel Bar, Northampton

I’m late getting today’s photo posted, but there was no reception in the tunnel, and I was out having fun.
Such a great bar in NoHo… The tunnel Bar. Funky photo, but I didn’t want to disturb the patrons with a flash.

Fun night with good friends.
Love you guys!


366 Photos – Day 10 – Mama smells Something Phishy…

This is Mama… she reigns Feline Supreme at Something Phishy Studio in Worcester MA. where I am teaching an 11 week class.
Saved from thigh high snow last winter and pregnant as well, the lovely Elisa gave her a home in her studio. She’s now warm and happy and in charge of everything in the Sprinkler Factory Artist spaces in Worcester. Bow down and pay your respects. 🙂