I’m in Love!!!

With my Nikon D90!!

So we got a new camera… a Nikon D90… and I am so in love with it.

I really didn’t think it would change things so much. I mean how different can an SLR be? Well, I’ll tell ya…. I took a couple of pictures with it yesterday. We have a spiffy 70-300mm lens for it, and I went out to take a picture of the River wrens that have a nest in a birdhouse in our back yard. I was able to stay far enough away as to not scare the new family, and take some pictures. Immediately, I was entranced with what I was seeing through the viewfinder, and took this shot…. birdhouse1

This picture alone made me a happy camper, but then when I viewed the picture in it’s true size, I was blown away by the detail… it looked like an egg tempera painting by Andrew Wyeth! OMG… how cool is that!?


So then I decided to try and really make it look that way, and applied a drybrush filter to the image…. small brush size…high detail, and a touch of texture….



I’ve been playing in Photoshop for years, and I know next to nothing about photography. I’ve been a point-an-shoot girl up until now. But now I’m inspired, thanks to this amazing camera, to learn.  It’s supposed to rain for the next three days, but I’m determined to grab some time, and try to travel between the raindrops to spend some time with my new friend. I also need to get back to the torch…. and the rain will guarantee that, so it’s all good. Have a creative and inspiring day!!