Last Concert of the Season….

I can’t believe we’re already in the middle of August. Where did the summer go?

Last night was the last Concert on The Common in our beautiful little town, and we had a wonderful time.

 After some late afternoon rain, the sun came out and we were gifted with absolutely beautiful weather.

Wonderful friends….

Dancing in the street….

Good music (Thanks to The Billy Goodspeed Band) ….

And everyone was savoring these last days of summer…

I mean… look at those faces…it doesn’t get any better than that! Of course it’s even better when you add glow sticks…

Everything is better with glow sticks.

Happy August everyone!

I hope your summer has been as magical as mine has.


Ta Da!!!

In a recent post on Jason Mraz’s blog, he mention’s a friend who instead of having a to-do list, has a Ta-Da list!

Love that…. and I’m adopting it.

He also suggests substituting the words “I have to…” with  “I get to…” . Another wonderful idea.


On my “Ta-Da”  list today:

I get to Make Beads!!

I get to organise and clean my dining room!

I get to go to Salvation Army and drop off stuff I don’t need so someone else gets to have some cool new stuff!

AND finally,

I get to head to the supermarket and pick up the makings for something fabulous that I get to eat!!

Life continues to be so good!!!



Flash Mobs….

My favorite trend in these plugged in times are these films.
I SO love Flash-mobs… the random explosion of creativity that lets loose onto the scene, submitting the unwitting citizen to
unexpected art… unplanned and surprise acts of kindness …
…Moments that lift us up and startle us…and gift us with joy….
Thank you.
Thank you to those amazing planners, actors and performers…
I don’t care what your motives are. I don’t care who pays for your acts of outrageous art…(ie: stay tuned when there’s an ad… I know, it sucks…..but hang in there. I swear it’s worth it…. sometimes you might need to click away an ad to watch the video)
Many times the original of these videos had nothing to do with their current sponsors…. so to those artists: Thank you…. YOU ROCK!
We need more of you.
You make me smile, and grin, and make me feel hopeful again.

My favorite Flash Mob scenes…..



I’ll add more as I find them.

Art and Music….

Just a quick post to let you know that I have listed this piece on my online shop to raise funds for my

choral group… The Quaboag Choral Society.

We are looking to buy some new music to sing at our upcoming White Christmas Celebration .

So…. with one click of the mouse you can help support art AND music, and own this sweet little sculpture!  🙂

Take Care!!!


Every year, on the 3rd of July, our town has a bonfire on the town common.

An independence day tradition with a fun band… this time it was a a Rod Stewart tribute band  with Rick Larrimore as Rod Stewart….They were a lot of fun! You can see for yourself here:

I was working at the Lion’s Club stand selling hotdogs and popcorn etc. , so I wasn’t able to take the pics, but hubby did a wonderful job capturing the event for me. ( I did get one picture of the beautiful rainbow on my way to the concert, with the rainbow ending incredibly at the bandstand) :


On the left edge of the picture, you can see part of the bonfire before it was lit.

Per usual, our town put on another memorable event. Did I mention that I love my town????


The fire is safely started and attended by the F ire department…





Rick Larrimore……


It was a grand evening in my sweet town….

I hope you all had a lovely holiday… peace from West Brookfield….


Aerosmith- The Boston Boys of Rock

Hubby and I took our 14-year old son to see his first concert last night.

Aerosmith. One of the few bands I’ve managed to miss seeing over the years, They were absolutely amazing!!

The Hometown rockers were resplendent. They played  all classic tracks including the entire Toys in the attic album straight through. I was in heaven. The set was shorter than I would have liked, at only 90 minutes, but it was performed to perfection, and with so much energy  and showmanship, that it’s hard to believe that they’re not still in their 20s! Steven Tyler had me grinning from the minute he walked out on the stage. And Joe Perry rocked the house.

extremecloseup(photo by Annie Zeleski)

Cameras weren’t allowed, so I didn’t bring mine, but when I got there, almost everyone had one! Arghhh. But I found these pics on the web, and thanks to an amazing photographer named Annie Zeleski, you’ve got a front row seat. These are from the June 10th St. Louis show, but everything was the same last night, right down to the clothing.  Find the rest of her photos here: hndinglove’s Flicker

We originally had Lawn seats waaaaaay in the back of the venue, but thanks to the fans who didn’t want to come out on a Tuesday night, the show still had open seats, and we upgraded our tickets to amazing seats with a center view much closer to the stage.  Thanks to the fans who have grown old , and thanks to the band that hasn’t!!!

We owe you one!




“Livin’ On The Edge!!!” On a school night!

This is the one and only shot I managed to get with my phone…

Can’t see anything really, but at least you can get a sense of where we were sitting…


Found this today….. live from Boston…:


My recent obsessions….

So I got tagged recently by Vicki Hallmark aka , and the subject is basically “What are you obsessed/inspired/consumed by right now?”… so here ya go…

My garden

Birds, birds and more birds… and Birds in Pants. 🙂

Bits n’ pieces and trying to make something from them all

Photography (we just ordered the Nikon D90…Woot!!! …hubby thinks it’s his camera….hahahahahahahah!! )

My apple itouch

The color red (Who knew?)

Aerosmith. I’m taking Max on tuesday… his first concert ever!! So of course, my studio music is a bit hyperfocused right now.

Fresh fruits and veggies.. It’s summer!!!!

Bracelets! I’m loving making bracelets suddenly.

Avoiding responsibility…It’s summer!!!

This post is a work in progress today while I unpack from Bead Camp, and do some cleaning…Yuck… and other various puttering tasks, so bear with me! Pics to follow I hope!