Pot Luck

My dad says…

“Came upon this site of friend Jack Troy, with whom I spent a wonderful afternoon in 2003 at Robert Frost’s cabin in Ripton, Vermont. We drank sherry and read poetry to one another. “

Here’s the link:


As I was trolling around on the site, I came upon this wonderful assignment he had given

his students….


I’ll wait here while you read it.  🙂

Go on…..

Isn’t that just the best?!?!

I would have loved that class. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!

When I was in high school in NYC, I had a wonderful design teacher named Richard White who gave us an assignment:

“Make an Expanded Cube”.

That was it.

No more explanation was forthcoming.

The more we asked,  the more he would smile mysteriously. I never forgot it. In the end, the variety of vision and creative problem solving was extraordinary. Not one project was the same. Some were painted. some were constructed… and many different materials were used.  Some were silly, some were beautiful and some were surreal.

I’m happy to have another place to inspire me when I get stuck…. spellbound…. with a big question mark in front of a  Blank Canvas. I’ll just pop over to Jack Troy’s assignments page and pick one.

Thank You Dad!