Another lettering Find!

Found another gem today at my local used bookstore, The Book Bear, … What would I do without them? Slim little volume, priced at a whopping $2.95…. But priceless for me. Bound inspiration!











Oh Right, I have a blog… better get on that.

It’s been a while. I’m slowly waking up from my time off, and starting to get back to work. For a while there, I was running out of steam and inspiration, and instead of getting worried about it, I took some time off to get my head together, and make room for new ideas.

My muse has returned from wherever she wandered off to. She hasn’t told me where she travelled, but it has something to do with ancient places and magical realms. When she started unpacking her bags, all of these wonderful forms and textures tumbled out, and I’ve been helping her document and archive them. Now it’s time to put them to work. It feels good.

So, it’s into the studio today with a solid plan and overflowing inspiration….

Thank you, my beautiful Muse, and welcome home.


Bead Soup Blog Party!!

I’m so excited to be involved in this event! What a fun idea!

Here’s the link to see what I’m talking about….Bead Soup Blog Party!

Sign-ups are over for this year, and I’ve gotten my introductory email….

So, the deal is… you get a package in the mail… a focal bead, clasp and coordinating spacers ( and you, of course, have to send out the same to another participant) and

you use those elements to create a finished piece.  You can supplement the beads you receive with your own elements if you like, and then we all post our finished pieces… What a great way to make you get outside your own head and work with someone else’s vision…. I’m so looking forward to see what I receive and the challenge! Let the games begin!!!!

Thanks Lori for such a fun idea!

ps: the picture below is not of my beads, neither received nor sent (though quite lovely! ) … they are from a previous Bead Soup Blog Party, and the lampwork beads are made by the talented Libby Leuchtman. (whose blog is HERE)

… will keep you updated as to my own projects. 🙂

Pot Luck

My dad says…

“Came upon this site of friend Jack Troy, with whom I spent a wonderful afternoon in 2003 at Robert Frost’s cabin in Ripton, Vermont. We drank sherry and read poetry to one another. “

Here’s the link:

As I was trolling around on the site, I came upon this wonderful assignment he had given

his students….

I’ll wait here while you read it.  🙂

Go on…..

Isn’t that just the best?!?!

I would have loved that class. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!

When I was in high school in NYC, I had a wonderful design teacher named Richard White who gave us an assignment:

“Make an Expanded Cube”.

That was it.

No more explanation was forthcoming.

The more we asked,  the more he would smile mysteriously. I never forgot it. In the end, the variety of vision and creative problem solving was extraordinary. Not one project was the same. Some were painted. some were constructed… and many different materials were used.  Some were silly, some were beautiful and some were surreal.

I’m happy to have another place to inspire me when I get stuck…. spellbound…. with a big question mark in front of a  Blank Canvas. I’ll just pop over to Jack Troy’s assignments page and pick one.

Thank You Dad!