Lettering Makes me Giddy….

Especially when I stumble upon amazing books like this one…

I’ve been trying hard to work on my hand lettering skills… doing a little practice every day, and I 

recently found this gem at my local used bookstore… The Book Bear, here in West Brookfield.

Published in 1912… it’s full of gorgeous inspiration…













Smart Creative Women

So I’ve been reading a lot on this website, called Smart Creative Women, and Monica Lee, who runs it, is really pretty amazing. She invites all of these artists, and industry professionals into her world, and interviews them, and shares those interviews..I’ve been spending a lot of time watching them and I’ve just become obsessed with it. The very first interview I watched was with Amy Butler, which eventually led to my discovery of the Morocco trip I have since signed up for! I’ve been learning so much about illustration, liscensing, branding, and so much more… The interviews end up sending me on a series of searches, and links which in turn have turned me on to new artists and opportunities to explore. It’s been a real education… So thank you Monica Lee… You rock!


I’m becoming wise little illustrator. 🙂


Just a quick post here today, as I am getting ready to take off on vacation this week… We’re headed to our favorite spot in Jamaica, and I’m sure I’ll be posting some photos when I get there, but until then, I leave you with my latest bird.. 🙂 Strutting her stuff… she was supposed to be a vogue model, but I think she looks like a pimp 🙂Image

For Salpal…

My sister, who is an amazing potter (check out Mountain Farm Road pottery), is, at this very minute trying to drive home through a snowstorm from Ohio, where she was attending a ceramics lecture by one of her favorite artists, Lana Wilson.  I’m so happy that she was able to go to the class, but I don’t envy her the travel in the snow. … Anyway, this is for you Sal….

“This Weather is For The Birds”….



Creative Thursday…

I bought a book a few days ago, called Creative Thursday: Everyday inspiration to grow your creative practice by Marisa Anne Cummings, and in it, she talks about making a commitment to your creativity, by being accountable to it. One of the ways she suggests doing that is by being religious about showing your work, good or bad, on a regular basis… perhaps by blogging… and since I’ve been WAY over-posting on Facebook… (sorry friends..LOL) I’ve decided to take her advice and start doing that. Her promise, on her blog, http://creativethursday.typepad.com was to try and post about 5 times a week, and I will attempt the same. So… I hope you come back often and see what I’m up to.. it may be painting, it may be glass, but I promise to keep sharing when I can. However… I can’t promise it will always be any good. 🙂 That’s the point isn’t it? Just keep creating… some will be better than others, sometimes it might just be sketching, but I need to make a commitment to creative work, and not let my everyday job and life get in the way of creative growth. Well… it sounds good anyway.

So, today, I have a new painting I titled, The Ride, which I started yesterday, and finished this morning.
The Ridemarked

Illustration and Morocco….




What do these two things have in common? Well… I’ll tell you… 🙂 

Recently, I’ve been doing some paintings … birds mostly (a shocker, I know…) , and because I’ve been obsessed with this, and thanks as well to all of the amazing responses to the paintings, I’ve started to look into design, and ways to get my work out there. So, I joined an online class by Lilla Rogers called Make Art That Sells -Bootcamp ; It’s a series of assignments that help to prepare you for the illustration and design market. (Click the pic below to find out more..)



So, along with the class, I’ve been watching and exploring other artists and designer’s work and websites, and I came across an interview with Amy Butler, designer extraordinaire, who mentioned that she has a new e-magazine out called Blossom. While reading the magazine, I saw a story about a workshop Amy was holding along with April Meeker (another designer/ illustrator  extraordinaire) in Morocco. Now, Morocco has been a dream of mine forever… probably since I was 13 or so years old, and my heart skipped a beat…. There aren’t a better pair of teachers  right now for me, and I can’t deny that sometimes the stars just line up at the right time in our lives. So…. I signed up. EEEK! It’s going to be tough to gather the resources, for sure… but I have to be there. I’ve never travelled before when I wasn’t teaching, and never to Africa… AFRICA! 

So… That’s the story. I’m so excited I could burst! 

My paintings are HERE if you’re interested … they’re kind of silly and whimsical, and you can help me get to Morocco if you decide you like them enough to pick one up 🙂


Here’s a wonderful slideshow by April Meeker after a previous workshop in Morocco… I’ve watched it at least 10 times!