Pretty in Pink

Working in the garden today, and it’s a study in pink right now. Every shade of pink, and every shape. So lovely.








Farmer’s Market Day…

Yesterday was our town’s weekly Farmer’s market…I LOVE the farmer’s market.

I Rode my bike into town and got some stuff… organic….local….yummy….stuff.

All strapped in and ready for home.

I bought: Macoun apples…Red  Dragon carrots…Swiss Chard…cabbage… Fresh farm made Gruyere cheese…and finally, because I couldn’t resist, a couple of White Chocolate, pineapple scones from the B&B across the street from me. The same B&B where you’ll hopefully be staying when I get my act together and offer classes in my studio… The Dragonfly Inn B&B. I dont know how anyone could have resisted them. ( I’m eating one now with my coffee as I write this…heaven)

Dinner last night consisted of …

Lightly sauteed Swiss Chard w/ garlic

Brown sugar glazed carrots

and Apple, onion and cheddar quiche.

I was a happy girl.


It’s that time of year again when I start thinking of spring.

I’m entertaining the idea of heading off to Shelburne Falls to have lunch, wander around, look at the frozen glacier potholes and check out  Salmon Falls Artisan Gallery which exhibits Josh Simpson’s work, as well as other beautifulness.  I’m thinking it’s a pipe dream though… it’s cold out and the studio is calling. Better perhaps to adventure there when the Bridge Of Flowers is in bloom? I don’t know… call me and tell me that you’re antsy too and perhaps I’ll change my mind.

I’ve been getting my seed catalogs and emails, and they are teasing me with their beauty.

So I’m going down to the studio with a picture in my hand as inspiration to make some florals today.

These are helleborus. Arent they yummy? They’re on the list for this year. Here’s a link for them online in case you’re hankering for something delicious in your flower bed too.Apparently, they’re extremely hardy and deer resistant as well.

Helleborus at Wayside Gardens

And in case you haven’t seen it, I finished my Artifact Tutorial… Hooray!!!!  You can find it on my purchase page of my website HERE.

It looks like this:

Have a great day today!! I’m off to the deep glass dungeon of fun.

Can You Smell Them?

8-13-09cCan You?

Here…. Get closer… How about now?


I so don’t want the lilac season to end…… Breathing in every sweet minute…..

The rest of the garden’s not too shabby either!

My new apricot roses… a big fat pink daisy, and African daisies too!




I’m taking this month off from teaching, and it’s been so wonderful to dig my hands down into the earth. My gardens have been neglected for the last couple of years, and the poor things are strangling to death under leaves and grass.  My mom got me a gift certificate from Lowe’s for my birthday….a perfect gift for me… tools, hardware and flowers!! It doesn’t get any better than that! I spent every penny on plants to refurbish and renew my little corner of paradise! Go outside today and Breeeeaaathe!