Farmer’s market….

Every Wed. afternoon here in town we have a farmer’s market.

And right now is my favorite part of the season. The produce is flowing onto the town common in all it’s colorful splendor. It’s just….. just…. it’s well… just YUM. I want to bring it ALL home with me.

So here are a few pictures I took while I was waiting for the selling/buying bell to ring…..


Food, Glorious Food….



I’m obsessed… I really think I am.
I’m not sure what happened, but sometime during the holidays I became completely bedeviled by food… and cooking.
I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but this is different.
All I can think about is creating the next meal… or snack… or what I can do to improve upon the last one.
I can spend hours researching chef knives and cookware… what’s happening to me????

I don’t have time for this. I’m starting up my teaching schedule again, and will be in Fresno at the end of the month.
I have absolutely no beads to take with me to the West Coast, and I need to get my butt into the studio ASAP.
But do I go? No.
Maybe I could find a good food podcast I can listen to while I torch. Maybe that will help.
Any suggestions?

No matter what I feel like doing today, it’s beads on the menu… and not the Vanilla Bean Buttermilk Cake with Glazed Oranges and Creme Fraiche
from the delicious book I am reading by Molly Wizenberg, A Homemade Life. sigh…. I’ve been reading this book in bed lately and have been endulging in decadent dreams.
Molly also has a yummy blog BTW.

Unless I start making a lot of Creme Brulee, and flaming Crepe Suzette, the title of this blog will have no meaning.
Dragging my overindulgent butt off this chair and heading to the studio,


Fried Mozzarella adventures…

Or….. How I learned not to judge myself too harshly, and feel better about my glass skills.

So this is what happened:

I was reading Pioneer Woman’s blog the other day.
(Always a dangerous time suck) and came across her post about mozzerella sticks.
I’d give you the link right now, but you’ll leave my blog, and get sucked into the P-Dub black hole…
I promise to give you the link in a minute.

So anyway… she has this supposedly fool-proof recipe for homemade mozzarella sticks, and me being a mom who would
love to rock my mozzarella stick obsessed son, I thought “Perfect!” Max will love me forever if I make these!
So I happily went to the grocery store and gathered the ingredients.

Today my dream was to sit down and watch a couple of episodes of The Dollhouse with Max, and partake of deep fried fat sticks…yum.

It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be.
Ree makes everything look so easy…. and it should have been!… I think.
Simple ingredients…. store-bought string cheese… flour…eggs, beaten w/ a little milk… and seasoned panko breadcrumbs…. (my favorite kind of breadcrumbs BTW.)
Everything in that order… dip the cheese into the flour… then the egg.. then the breadcrumbs…. then put those suckers into the freezer to set up.
That was my problem I think… I didn’t freeze them long enough.

(She doesn’t show you her fingers by the way, after processing the 12th stick….look for it when I share the link… which I will… I promise) 🙂
The ends of my fingers looked like breadcrumb covered ping-pong balls… each consecutive dip added 3 mm. of coating to each digit.
She says she’s “keeping it real” but I had a very different reality going on in my house.

So anyway, after frying those suckers up we have this….
I give you……er……. mozzarella splats!


Wanna see it up close?


And the thing is….. they were delicious, if visually unfortunate.
And we ate them.


So now, as much as I don’t want to let you see what they were supposed to look like…
Here’s that link.
At least I still know I can work my way around a 2000 degree torch without too much trouble.
I’m starting to think this cooking thing isn’t something I should quit my day job for.

Pioneer Woman’s Mozzarella Sticks:

Photo of the Day…

Inspired by all the cooking I’ve been doing lately, I give you this:

Yesterday I did my weekly grocery shopping and found myself completely enjoying myself.
Maybe it was the Christmas carols being piped into the store… maybe it was because everyone seemed to be in a happy mood because they were buying ingredients for meals that had nothing to do with turkey…
But I smiled at strangers and got into funny conversations about failed recipes.
I stopped smiling when I got home and had to haul all the crap into the house, but other than that, it was a good day.
I made pulled pork in my brand new slow cooker I bought on (Gasp!) Black friday.
A FABULOUS recipe where you do most of the cooking in root-beer !
Here’s a link if you’re interested:

So today, I’m making beef stew.
It is cooking now as I write this entry, and then I’ll do some cleaning and organizing in the house to get ready for the holidays.
Perhaps I’ll listen to some Christmas carols…. I haven’t listened to my James Taylor Christmas album since last year.
It’s time.

And yeah… I said “album”.
I can’t help it.