Just thought you might like to see the end result of the flower piece after all the reposse’ and stuff.
I bought a patina kit and tutorial from Missficklemedia on Etsy.
What a blast to play with!
I heat applied the patina and sealed it.

Totally fun process! All of it!
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving everyone!
Not sure I’ll be on here til after the weekend, but you never know…



I came home this evening to find my beautiful tulips had bit the dust…

All the petals were falling off, so I gathered them up to drop them into the trash can,

and they were just too pretty to throw away.

So I gave them one last hurrah….

The yellow are the pestles of the tulip, and the ivory and brown are bits of coral I found on the beach at Sanibel Island, FL.

It’s a Tulipeony!