366 iPhone photos (It’s a leap year!)

My new years challenge this year is to post at least one iPhone photo every day of 2012. It’s a big promise to myself to take at least one photo per day, and I figure the best way to keep that promise would be to limit myself to my new iPhone 4s… I always have it with me, and the new optics in this model are phenomenal. So without further ado… Here is picture # 1.
Happy New year everyone. May your new year be creative and inspiring.


Ps: I didn’t promise they’d be any good… LOL


It’s Party Time! Bead Soup Day Has Arrived !!!

My soup ingredients:

My final piece…


I tried to incorporate everything, but in the end, I left out the large round cream colored beads… I really wanted to focus on Lisa’s beautiful focal piece, and found that the size of the stone beads was eclipsing the focal. So in the end, I used only three. I cut a heart out of the center of the focal disc, and backed it with a faux bone disc which was colored using alcohol inks. I then riveted it to the brass. The heart was then used as a charm.

This was such a challenge for me! I’ve re-worked the piece 3 or 4 times, and what I secretly want to do…. shhhh… don’t tell anyone, is to just wear the focal on a brass chain 🙂 But this is a bead challenge after all, and that just wont do!

Now…. I’m off to join the Blog Party…..grab my waist and join the conga line!!!!

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