Bald and Beautiful….

I’m going to be registering for The Kids Cancer Buzz off today, and there is the option of registering a group… I’ll be shaving my head at Bead & Button this year in support of the oncology unit at Children’s Hospital in Boston… anyone care to join me? I’m thinking something like Bald Beaders… or Bald Bead Babes.. 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll register tonight alone. But don’t worry, I’ll still be hitting you up to sponsor me 🙂

Check out the web page for the Buzz-off HERE.

Come on… don’t be a wuss…. it’ll grow back, and we can strut around at Bead & Button with style!


Beads of Courage- Artist On Call….

Just finished my very first assignment for the Artist on call program for Beads of Courage.

It is by far the most complicated bead (for me) I have ever done, and not my very best, but my heart is pounding and I’m exhilarated!! What an experience this is… to make a special request bead for a child, in this case, a 10-year old girl, who is battling cancer.

A bead I have never made before for a very brave,  special little girl.

Her request was for a Golden bird, flying with a red beak, and 3 long tail feathers. She also requested that it have golden claws, which I was unable to do… and I feel badly that it’s not exactly to her specifications, but the claws stumped me…. The entire bird was made in pieces and pre-warmed in the kiln… each wing and the tailfeathers torched separately, and each piece is encased gold leaf….. phew!…..

Please….please…please… may it come out of the kiln in one piece.

I’m hoping and praying that it turns out, and nothing cracked (it was big!) .


This Dirty Old Disease….

It’s been a year since I lost my mom.
And for those of you that don’t know, I also lost my sister Cindy to Cancer when she was in her 20s.
I capitalized “Cancer” on purpose. My mother also lost her life too early to that disease.
Cancer is a nasty and unforgiving monster… it doesn’t care who you are, how much money you have, what color your skin is…
“This dirty old disease” takes no prisoners. It sucks…. big time. (Not very poetic, but there you go…. it is what it is.)

I took the last year off to get my head together… to explore not only my own heart, but to rest, and to take time to
reassess pretty much everything.
So now I’m trying to get back on track, and starting to make art again.
Making Art is life affirming. Getting going again, and looking toward the future is the best weapon I have.
Tomorrow I start my schedule again. I’m going to try and catalogue my days here.
More blog posts…more updates from the studio.
Not for you, but for me.
Writing down my days makes me feel as if what I’m doing day-to-day means something…. a cataloguing of my days and hours.
Living my dream is affirming my mother and my sister’s dreams.
Embracing life is the only defense I have.

I was watching a youtube video a while ago, and learned that this song by Jason Mraz is about his friend, a Cancer survivor.
When I listen to it in the studio, it uplifts me. Maybe it will do the same for you.
It’s all about living your life, and leaning on your friends…as the “remedy” for life’s heartaches.
And it also talks about focusing your energy forward and not to dwell on the negatives.
(BTW… I think this video clip is “illegal” as far as rights go, so in case in the future it gets pulled from Youtube, the song is called “Remedy”) Check it out.


For Meesh….

One of the things I love best about the lampworking community is what happens when one of our own is in need. All of the stops come out, and there is an outpouring of love and support that just quietly blows me away…. Already, this has been the case for my friend Michelle Goldstein, who’s story appears below, courtesy of another friend, Gail Crossman Moore’s blog.

Meesh’s situation echoes my own recent loss, and it breaks my heart to see anyone go through this, but I feel so much more for Meesh, who doesn’t have the luxury of taking the time she needs to grieve and heal…. her sweet boys will be needing her to step up, and it’s a scary situation for her. So if you can help, please do….through either a donation to her paypal account, or the donation of a piece of work to the eBay auction that Gail will be holding for Meesh. I will be doing both.

Here is a message from Meesh”

“i am humbled at the out pouring of help from my friends, family and artistic community. there are no words to express my gratitude for the beautiful humans circling my little tribe at this time. i only wish i had time to thank each one of you. thank you.”
Below is the story via Gail’s blog:

In my ego-centric world things aren’t going so great, but my plight will be relatively short lived. I’m going to follow sage advice and bring your attention to my/our dear friends plight….Michele Goldstein is caring around the clock for the dying father of her children. (There is no time for their family to prepare for the end of his life. Steve’s sickness was unexpected and the cancer is moving quickly through his body. His death is imminent, and it’s only been three weeks since he was diagnosed.)

If you know Meesh, you know that she is the kindest of souls and is always generous and puts others first. She would never think about asking for money from others. That is why her friends are asking you to think of sending her something.

In looking at the dawning of a new ‘age’, a new year, I want to start it right and send a loving message of direct help to one of us who is in need. Meesh has been unable to work, has needed to cancel shows and is looking at an uncertain future for herself and her two young boys.

It is my hope that we could take some immediate heat off of her situation by laying down a little padding to her nest. Could you help?

If you can help, the most direct route would be through her Paypal account.( If you could forward this to anyone who might be interested in helping, please do!

We will be following this up with an interesting auction of donated items, if you would like to become a part of this please contact either me at or Anne Mitchell at to develop a trust for her children.

Michelle’s On Line Studio & Her Collaboration with Stephanie Sersich Hearts & Bones Studio