We Are DEVO…

In the online class I’m taking, our current theme is Jello and Jello molds… The first part of each assignment is called the Mini, and it’s really just the brainstorming and sketching part of the assignment. After playing around with a bunch of jello mold sketches, I was thinking that the hats that the band, DEVO wore, looked remarkably like jello molds… maybe they were? 🙂 At any rate I did this quick sketch. (Before you ask, the string around the front bird’s nose is supposed to be holding on a mustache.) Anyway, right after I posted the pic on the class website, someone commented that the guitarist from DEVO had passed away the night before. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/devo-guitarist-bob-casale-dead-at-61-20140218
So, I suppose I’m posting this silly sketch here today in honor of Bob Casele… R.I.P my friend…. jelo



Illustration and Morocco….




What do these two things have in common? Well… I’ll tell you… 🙂 

Recently, I’ve been doing some paintings … birds mostly (a shocker, I know…) , and because I’ve been obsessed with this, and thanks as well to all of the amazing responses to the paintings, I’ve started to look into design, and ways to get my work out there. So, I joined an online class by Lilla Rogers called Make Art That Sells -Bootcamp ; It’s a series of assignments that help to prepare you for the illustration and design market. (Click the pic below to find out more..)



So, along with the class, I’ve been watching and exploring other artists and designer’s work and websites, and I came across an interview with Amy Butler, designer extraordinaire, who mentioned that she has a new e-magazine out called Blossom. While reading the magazine, I saw a story about a workshop Amy was holding along with April Meeker (another designer/ illustrator  extraordinaire) in Morocco. Now, Morocco has been a dream of mine forever… probably since I was 13 or so years old, and my heart skipped a beat…. There aren’t a better pair of teachers  right now for me, and I can’t deny that sometimes the stars just line up at the right time in our lives. So…. I signed up. EEEK! It’s going to be tough to gather the resources, for sure… but I have to be there. I’ve never travelled before when I wasn’t teaching, and never to Africa… AFRICA! 

So… That’s the story. I’m so excited I could burst! 

My paintings are HERE if you’re interested … they’re kind of silly and whimsical, and you can help me get to Morocco if you decide you like them enough to pick one up 🙂


Here’s a wonderful slideshow by April Meeker after a previous workshop in Morocco… I’ve watched it at least 10 times!  


Bluebirds of Happiness and Photo Stress…

I spent the day today putting up birdhouses. We’ve had an unusual amount of bluebirds in the area lately. Well, perhaps not unusual… all I can say is, I’ve never seen so many before. Perhaps they’ve arrived early because of the mild winter, but we’ve been enjoying the show.

So today, I went to Lowes and bought 3 birdhouses, and some freeze-dried mealy worms. (Yeah, I know…. yum) And as I was drilling the boxes into fenceposts in my yard, I was daydreaming about being able to take beautiful close-ups of these rare and lovely birds when, and if, they decided to take up residence. That thought process turned to thinking of the other blog I started, where I am posting a daily photo each day of this year (366 Photos), and I started stressing out.
I started the blog as a challenge to myself to get out and take more pictures. I also limited myself to using my iPhone. I figured it would be more of a challenge using that technology, rather than relying on all the bells and whistles of the D90. I would focus more on composition and subject, and less on aperture and shutter speed for a fantastic image. Well, the past week has been extremely busy, and between hopping around New England, and loaning my iPhone to my son for a few days, I was WAY behind in the challenge. I found myself completely stressed out about not fulfilling that promise to myself.
It was then that I started laughing at myself. (I do that a LOT) Here I was, doing all the things I thought the challenge was going to help me with… getting out in the world, spending time in the outdoors, getting my overly large derriere out the front door of my house, and keeping busy and tuned in to life….. and I was stressing about my project. I was too busy having a lovely time to spend time online posting pictures.
It’s over. I will not be continuing with the project. However…. stay tuned (hopefully) for lovely bluebird pictures taken with my Nikon D90, which has a kick-ass lens for getting in close to the action without disturbing my bird friends. 🙂

I also have a trip to Switzerland and Austria coming up, where taking a photo every day just won’t be possible. And there will be a long-delayed honeymoon to Jamaica where I hope to get some fantastic photos of flowers and Caribbean bird species which I will enjoy posting when time permits…. I look forward to stress-free and lovely blog updates…. and glass of course…. always glass.
To those who followed the other blog… Thanks SO much!

Art and Music….

Just a quick post to let you know that I have listed this piece on my online shop to raise funds for my

choral group… The Quaboag Choral Society.

We are looking to buy some new music to sing at our upcoming White Christmas Celebration .

So…. with one click of the mouse you can help support art AND music, and own this sweet little sculpture!  🙂


Take Care!!!

Meet The Girls…

Well here they are…. my work from Emilio Santini’s class…

I’m rather proud of myself if I do say so… 🙂 Far from perfect, but I feel pretty good about them. I also made a horse, but unfortunately, it was so lame it had to be put down.

I don’t know what the deal with the bird heads are…. geez! me and birds…. ( a la Luccio Bubacco’s Fantasy series I suppose, but I couldn’t seem to stop adding them on! )

I’m in Love!!!

With my Nikon D90!!

So we got a new camera… a Nikon D90… and I am so in love with it.

I really didn’t think it would change things so much. I mean how different can an SLR be? Well, I’ll tell ya…. I took a couple of pictures with it yesterday. We have a spiffy 70-300mm lens for it, and I went out to take a picture of the River wrens that have a nest in a birdhouse in our back yard. I was able to stay far enough away as to not scare the new family, and take some pictures. Immediately, I was entranced with what I was seeing through the viewfinder, and took this shot…. birdhouse1

This picture alone made me a happy camper, but then when I viewed the picture in it’s true size, I was blown away by the detail… it looked like an egg tempera painting by Andrew Wyeth! OMG… how cool is that!?


So then I decided to try and really make it look that way, and applied a drybrush filter to the image…. small brush size…high detail, and a touch of texture….



I’ve been playing in Photoshop for years, and I know next to nothing about photography. I’ve been a point-an-shoot girl up until now. But now I’m inspired, thanks to this amazing camera, to learn.  It’s supposed to rain for the next three days, but I’m determined to grab some time, and try to travel between the raindrops to spend some time with my new friend. I also need to get back to the torch…. and the rain will guarantee that, so it’s all good. Have a creative and inspiring day!!

My recent obsessions….

So I got tagged recently by Vicki Hallmark aka http://www.fiberartglass.blogspot.com/ , and the subject is basically “What are you obsessed/inspired/consumed by right now?”… so here ya go…

My garden

Birds, birds and more birds… and Birds in Pants. 🙂

Bits n’ pieces and trying to make something from them all

Photography (we just ordered the Nikon D90…Woot!!! …hubby thinks it’s his camera….hahahahahahahah!! )

My apple itouch

The color red (Who knew?)

Aerosmith. I’m taking Max on tuesday… his first concert ever!! So of course, my studio music is a bit hyperfocused right now.

Fresh fruits and veggies.. It’s summer!!!!

Bracelets! I’m loving making bracelets suddenly.

Avoiding responsibility…It’s summer!!!

This post is a work in progress today while I unpack from Bead Camp, and do some cleaning…Yuck… and other various puttering tasks, so bear with me! Pics to follow I hope!