Yesterday Was a Good Day

I was working on a couple of orders yesterday, and then I took some time to play. Play time is my favorite time on the torch, and I haven’t had nearly enough of it. These are my favorites from that session.. I need to wire them up this morning, and a couple are being added to a new Traveller Series necklace, then they’ll be going up on Etsy later today. ­čÖé


Back to Work…

I’ve been floundering a bit lately, not quite sure where I want to go with my glass… and my illustration… and my shop. It’s one of those times where I just become immobile with indecision. The best medicine for that problem is to just get down to work… so, I’m back on the torch today, to play with a few ideas that have been swimming around in my head, and this morning, I photographed a few things for the Etsy shop. I’ve also been pondering doing a few more tutorials: Anyone have an idea of what you might like to see? I’m open to suggestions, for sure!

Anyway…. on to the eye candy: A necklace from my Traveler series, Stone series pendant, and a perched bird pendant.




The three pieces above will be in my Etsy shop in a few minutes… Have an awesome day!!


I just registered for The Gathering.

For those who don’t know, The Gathering is the annual conference of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. Every year, it takes place in a different city.

This year is is taking place in Louisville, KY. July 28-31st

It’s something I look forward to every year, and it’s really the only place (for now) that I show my work en masse. The Bead Bazaar is on Saturday, and there are also a couple of exhibits that are related to the event.

I have 5 things on my list to accomplish for the event:

1. A new postcard to be designed and ordered. Due ┬áThurs. June 30th…. BTW, my favorite place to get my postcards from is Overnight Prints… sign up for their mailing list… they regularly have REALLY good sales on postcard printing. PLUS they have beautiful matte postcards with rounded edges… Gorgeous.

2. A bead for the Beads of Courage Community Project and Show – Theme: Louisville: Possibilities… specifically geared toward children to be donated to the Ronald MacDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana. Due June 30

3. Donation for The Silent Auction. Due June 30th ( I see a pattern developing…)

4. Pendant for the Juried Show, Arts of Engagement: Beyond the Glass Bead….Application Due April 30th (Better get right on that one today!)

5. Beaded object show…Theme: Beaded Trifecta/ Horses, hats and homeruns… eek! ┬á… Due June 15th.

And then of course, beads…. lots and lots of beads…

I’m teaching the end of this month in Austin, and a week in mid-June in Canada… so my best bet is to get the deadline stuff done before my ┬áCanada class to keep the panic at bay.

Will that happen? It’ll be a first for me to make my gathering deadline beads done without being in panic mode!

Wish me luck!