It’s Party Time! Bead Soup Day Has Arrived !!!

My soup ingredients:

My final piece…


I tried to incorporate everything, but in the end, I left out the large round cream colored beads… I really wanted to focus on Lisa’s beautiful focal piece, and found that the size of the stone beads was eclipsing the focal. So in the end, I used only three. I cut a heart out of the center of the focal disc, and backed it with a faux bone disc which was colored using alcohol inks. I then riveted it to the brass. The heart was then used as a charm.

This was such a challenge for me! I’ve re-worked the piece 3 or 4 times, and what I secretly want to do…. shhhh… don’t tell anyone, is to just wear the focal on a brass chain 🙂 But this is a bead challenge after all, and that just wont do!

Now…. I’m off to join the Blog Party…..grab my waist and join the conga line!!!!

There are a LOT of blog pages to visit! Here’s the complete list: WOW And please don’t forget to visit my Partner’s blog to see what she made with the ingredients I sent her! Lisa’s Blog


Step 2: Bead Soup Blog Party…

I got my beads! Lovely choice of beads, ribbon and handmade metal components made by the talented Joolz By Lisa. (aka Lisa Liddy)

The Bead Soup Blog Party has begun… Lisa should get hers any day now…. I’m afraid I was a bit of a flake and didn’t get mine to her as soon as I could have. (So what else is new?… sorry Lisa!)

What the heck am I talking about?? Check HERE.

Now…. what to do with them???

Choices….choices….this is the FUN part!!


Bead Soup Blog Party!!

I’m so excited to be involved in this event! What a fun idea!

Here’s the link to see what I’m talking about….Bead Soup Blog Party!

Sign-ups are over for this year, and I’ve gotten my introductory email….

So, the deal is… you get a package in the mail… a focal bead, clasp and coordinating spacers ( and you, of course, have to send out the same to another participant) and

you use those elements to create a finished piece.  You can supplement the beads you receive with your own elements if you like, and then we all post our finished pieces… What a great way to make you get outside your own head and work with someone else’s vision…. I’m so looking forward to see what I receive and the challenge! Let the games begin!!!!

Thanks Lori for such a fun idea!

ps: the picture below is not of my beads, neither received nor sent (though quite lovely! ) … they are from a previous Bead Soup Blog Party, and the lampwork beads are made by the talented Libby Leuchtman. (whose blog is HERE)

… will keep you updated as to my own projects. 🙂