Now I’ve Gone and Done it… I will be Bald.

There’s no backing out now….
I’ve set a goal of $3000.00. I know we can do it…. please share and pass on the link to my donation page… let’s exceed the goal, and give kids with cancer a helping hand, ok? thankyouthankyouthankyou……

Any little bit helps….. My Buzz-off page is HERE



This is an entirely selfish post. Yes. I am tooting my own horn.

A trio of cool things have happened lately:

1. I’m very pleased to announce, That I have been invited to be the instructor for Bead & Button’s Master Class in Lampworking for 2012. It’s a HUGE honor and I’m so excited! Woot!!

2. The Bead Invitational Show at Pismo Art Glass Gallery in Denver has opened, and even if I cannot be there myself, it’s a joy to be able to go to the website and see my work nestled in among so much talent!

You can check it out HERE.

3. Guess where one of my beads was spotted… just guess… go ahead… OK, give up? It was in The History of Beads!!! omg…omg…omg..omg . I’ve owned this book forever! A new edition just came out, and ta da! There I am!! Eeeek!


Oh! One more!  I’m going to be the featured artist this next quarter in The Glass Bead Magazine! Thanks so much Marcy! You are the best!

Is that cool or what?

OK… sorry to interrupt…. I’ll put the horn away now.