Now I’ve Gone and Done it… I will be Bald.

There’s no backing out now….
I’ve set a goal of $3000.00. I know we can do it…. please share and pass on the link to my donation page… let’s exceed the goal, and give kids with cancer a helping hand, ok? thankyouthankyouthankyou……

Any little bit helps….. My Buzz-off page is HERE


Bald and Beautiful….

I’m going to be registering for The Kids Cancer Buzz off today, and there is the option of registering a group… I’ll be shaving my head at Bead & Button this year in support of the oncology unit at Children’s Hospital in Boston… anyone care to join me? I’m thinking something like Bald Beaders… or Bald Bead Babes.. 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll register tonight alone. But don’t worry, I’ll still be hitting you up to sponsor me 🙂

Check out the web page for the Buzz-off HERE.

Come on… don’t be a wuss…. it’ll grow back, and we can strut around at Bead & Button with style!