How to turn handwritten recipes into tea towels – Spoonflower Blog – DIY Fabric, Wallpaper, Decals and Gift Wrap

This is such a fantastic idea… I’m going to dig up some of my mom’s recipes, as well as some of my grandmother’s, to make kitchen towels from. Wonderful!

How to turn handwritten recipes into tea towels – Spoonflower Blog – DIY Fabric, Wallpaper, Decals and Gift Wrap.


And away we go!!!

After a solid week of work on the new space, it’s almost time to move in.
Friends and family have lent a hand, and even though I’ve been thinking about this for over a year, everything has happened so fast, it’s hard to breathe sometimes!
The painting is done, the floor is being installed in the next two days, and a Uhaul is rented and parked in my driveway. And now, I am dismantling my studio, that has taken 12 years to grow into the behemoth that is lurking in my basement.
It’s an intimidating project, but a joyful and exciting one as well…






















Big News!

I am opening a shop. Well… I am moving my studio to a larger location, AND opening a shop. I will actually be getting up in the morning, and leaving the house, for the first time in a LONG time. My new studio will be open to the public. It’s not a very busy area around here, so I don’t expect the shop to interfere to much with my work… lol… but I am so excited! One of my favorite things to do is design spaces in my head… this time it’s for real, and that makes it so fun! I did it once before with my bead shop in Concord, MA. , but that was a long time ago, and I’ve learned a few thing since then. I get a “do-over”!! It will be my little world… a permanent show booth where I can be working while I hang out and talk with people about what I do: The perfect version of Show & Tell. 🙂 So today, I went and picked up some stuff from Ikea, (my idea of shopping heaven) and here’s a sneak peek at my shop 🙂 The idea is that the shop decor will be neutral… black, white and grey… so that the merchandise will be the only color in the space…. what do you think?


Bluebirds of Happiness and Photo Stress…

I spent the day today putting up birdhouses. We’ve had an unusual amount of bluebirds in the area lately. Well, perhaps not unusual… all I can say is, I’ve never seen so many before. Perhaps they’ve arrived early because of the mild winter, but we’ve been enjoying the show.

So today, I went to Lowes and bought 3 birdhouses, and some freeze-dried mealy worms. (Yeah, I know…. yum) And as I was drilling the boxes into fenceposts in my yard, I was daydreaming about being able to take beautiful close-ups of these rare and lovely birds when, and if, they decided to take up residence. That thought process turned to thinking of the other blog I started, where I am posting a daily photo each day of this year (366 Photos), and I started stressing out.
I started the blog as a challenge to myself to get out and take more pictures. I also limited myself to using my iPhone. I figured it would be more of a challenge using that technology, rather than relying on all the bells and whistles of the D90. I would focus more on composition and subject, and less on aperture and shutter speed for a fantastic image. Well, the past week has been extremely busy, and between hopping around New England, and loaning my iPhone to my son for a few days, I was WAY behind in the challenge. I found myself completely stressed out about not fulfilling that promise to myself.
It was then that I started laughing at myself. (I do that a LOT) Here I was, doing all the things I thought the challenge was going to help me with… getting out in the world, spending time in the outdoors, getting my overly large derriere out the front door of my house, and keeping busy and tuned in to life….. and I was stressing about my project. I was too busy having a lovely time to spend time online posting pictures.
It’s over. I will not be continuing with the project. However…. stay tuned (hopefully) for lovely bluebird pictures taken with my Nikon D90, which has a kick-ass lens for getting in close to the action without disturbing my bird friends. 🙂

I also have a trip to Switzerland and Austria coming up, where taking a photo every day just won’t be possible. And there will be a long-delayed honeymoon to Jamaica where I hope to get some fantastic photos of flowers and Caribbean bird species which I will enjoy posting when time permits…. I look forward to stress-free and lovely blog updates…. and glass of course…. always glass.
To those who followed the other blog… Thanks SO much!

366 Photos – Day 10 – Mama smells Something Phishy…

This is Mama… she reigns Feline Supreme at Something Phishy Studio in Worcester MA. where I am teaching an 11 week class.
Saved from thigh high snow last winter and pregnant as well, the lovely Elisa gave her a home in her studio. She’s now warm and happy and in charge of everything in the Sprinkler Factory Artist spaces in Worcester. Bow down and pay your respects. 🙂


Attack Rabbit at Salvation Army

Maybe it’s just me, but I have a fascination with knick-knacks… you know, the stuff that people choose to surround themselves with, and decorate their strange little worlds…
My favorite past-time at Salvation Army is trying to find the most bizarre and disturbing stuff.. ie: bauble, ornament, bibelot, curio, trifle, gimcrack, gewgaw, toy, novelty, whatnot, doohickey, tchotchke…. etc. and capture it forever with my trusty iphone… see previous post ” Bizarro

Is it just me, or is that cute little bunny eating that little cherub’s face??