Yesterday Was a Good Day

I was working on a couple of orders yesterday, and then I took some time to play. Play time is my favorite time on the torch, and I haven’t had nearly enough of it. These are my favorites from that session.. I need to wire them up this morning, and a couple are being added to a new Traveller Series necklace, then they’ll be going up on Etsy later today. 🙂


Back to Work…

I’ve been floundering a bit lately, not quite sure where I want to go with my glass… and my illustration… and my shop. It’s one of those times where I just become immobile with indecision. The best medicine for that problem is to just get down to work… so, I’m back on the torch today, to play with a few ideas that have been swimming around in my head, and this morning, I photographed a few things for the Etsy shop. I’ve also been pondering doing a few more tutorials: Anyone have an idea of what you might like to see? I’m open to suggestions, for sure!

Anyway…. on to the eye candy: A necklace from my Traveler series, Stone series pendant, and a perched bird pendant.




The three pieces above will be in my Etsy shop in a few minutes… Have an awesome day!!

Creative Thursday…

I bought a book a few days ago, called Creative Thursday: Everyday inspiration to grow your creative practice by Marisa Anne Cummings, and in it, she talks about making a commitment to your creativity, by being accountable to it. One of the ways she suggests doing that is by being religious about showing your work, good or bad, on a regular basis… perhaps by blogging… and since I’ve been WAY over-posting on Facebook… (sorry friends..LOL) I’ve decided to take her advice and start doing that. Her promise, on her blog, was to try and post about 5 times a week, and I will attempt the same. So… I hope you come back often and see what I’m up to.. it may be painting, it may be glass, but I promise to keep sharing when I can. However… I can’t promise it will always be any good. 🙂 That’s the point isn’t it? Just keep creating… some will be better than others, sometimes it might just be sketching, but I need to make a commitment to creative work, and not let my everyday job and life get in the way of creative growth. Well… it sounds good anyway.

So, today, I have a new painting I titled, The Ride, which I started yesterday, and finished this morning.
The Ridemarked

And away we go!!!

After a solid week of work on the new space, it’s almost time to move in.
Friends and family have lent a hand, and even though I’ve been thinking about this for over a year, everything has happened so fast, it’s hard to breathe sometimes!
The painting is done, the floor is being installed in the next two days, and a Uhaul is rented and parked in my driveway. And now, I am dismantling my studio, that has taken 12 years to grow into the behemoth that is lurking in my basement.
It’s an intimidating project, but a joyful and exciting one as well…






















Oh Right, I have a blog… better get on that.

It’s been a while. I’m slowly waking up from my time off, and starting to get back to work. For a while there, I was running out of steam and inspiration, and instead of getting worried about it, I took some time off to get my head together, and make room for new ideas.

My muse has returned from wherever she wandered off to. She hasn’t told me where she travelled, but it has something to do with ancient places and magical realms. When she started unpacking her bags, all of these wonderful forms and textures tumbled out, and I’ve been helping her document and archive them. Now it’s time to put them to work. It feels good.

So, it’s into the studio today with a solid plan and overflowing inspiration….

Thank you, my beautiful Muse, and welcome home.