“The secret of seeing is to sail on solar wind.

Hone and spread your spirit, till you yourself are a sail,

whetted, translucent, broadside to the merest puff.”
-Annie Dillard
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

I’m all about Seeing.

If you’ve ever taken my class, you know that I spend a ridiculous amount of time talking about observation… about stepping back and trying to see what you’re working on with new eyes, and letting go of expectation.  Expectation is the thorn in my side both in my work, and in my life, so it’s no wonder it’s on my mind a LOT.

In those fleeting moments, when I can manage to  stop looking over my own shoulder, and try to see purely and without an inner critic… when I let go of the plans I had for that bead…or day…or life; That’s when magic happens. That’s when I learn, and grow. New ideas bubble up and my heart starts beating a little faster… and there’s nothing like the feeling of finding something new and reveling in it! Well… new love is like that…if I remember correctly 🙂

Basically, that’s what my life is about… or at least what I try and make it about.

french horn


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