Artist Celebration Post #1 – Kim Mettee

I’ve been wanting to do a series of posts for some time now, celebrating the work of fellow artists whom I love and admire, or perhaps whom I’ve just discovered. I think as artists, it’s really important to lift each other up and share the love and opportunity that this amazing thing called the Internet allows us. And so I begin….
Some background: I’ve never actually met Kim Mettee… We just missed each other when I was leaving Morocco, and she was arriving . I was attending an artist’s retreat hosted by Amy Butler and April Meeker , and she was arriving to co-host the next week’s retreat with Amy Butler. Amy sang her praises during the retreat, and sparked my interest. When I attended the Morocco class, I brought a bunch of my beads with me and had them available to both groups, who would be making wonderful mixed media neck pieces using all manner of bits and bobs and fabric. When I came home, Kim contacted me, and sent me pictures of a necklace inspired by one of my beads that she was drawn to during her week in that magical place.
Since then, we’ve corresponded a bit, and I’ve fallen in love with her aesthetic, her use of color, (both in her jewelry, and in her photographs), and her knack for finding such fabulous, and interesting objects to incorporate into her work. The pictures that follow, begin with the necklace she shared with me, and I’ve gathered some other images of pieces that speak to me. If you like what you see, you can connect with Kim via her professional page on Facebook here:











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