There’s always room for Jello…

I’ve been working hard to try and catch up to my classmates in my Make Art That Sells-Bootcamp class after my vacation. The assignment is to design bolt fabric. The theme is jello molds… yes, really.  I am totally struggling, but that’s the point:  to Learn and grow. Well… I have a lot of growing to do for sure. I feel completely out of my element, and it’s both frustrating and awesome at the same time.

It wouldn’t be any fun if it was easy, right?. 


This was today’s work…. I’m obviously more of an illustrator, than a designer. But I’m learning.

Photoshop isn’t as easy as I remember. I invested in the latest software, and UGH. I haven’t even opened Illustrator yet… it’s even more of a learning curve.





2 comments on “There’s always room for Jello…

  1. Pam Dansie says:

    Love your art…. I need that boot camp 🙂

  2. Very beautiful. I like your drawings very much. Thanks for sharing. I hope one day to be at your class in switzerland again. And no it does not have to be hard. All the best to you. Maria Theresia

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