We Are DEVO…

In the online class I’m taking, our current theme is Jello and Jello molds… The first part of each assignment is called the Mini, and it’s really just the brainstorming and sketching part of the assignment. After playing around with a bunch of jello mold sketches, I was thinking that the hats that the band, DEVO wore, looked remarkably like jello molds… maybe they were? 🙂 At any rate I did this quick sketch. (Before you ask, the string around the front bird’s nose is supposed to be holding on a mustache.) Anyway, right after I posted the pic on the class website, someone commented that the guitarist from DEVO had passed away the night before. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/devo-guitarist-bob-casale-dead-at-61-20140218
So, I suppose I’m posting this silly sketch here today in honor of Bob Casele… R.I.P my friend…. jelo


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