Creative Thursday…

I bought a book a few days ago, called Creative Thursday: Everyday inspiration to grow your creative practice by Marisa Anne Cummings, and in it, she talks about making a commitment to your creativity, by being accountable to it. One of the ways she suggests doing that is by being religious about showing your work, good or bad, on a regular basis… perhaps by blogging… and since I’ve been WAY over-posting on Facebook… (sorry friends..LOL) I’ve decided to take her advice and start doing that. Her promise, on her blog, was to try and post about 5 times a week, and I will attempt the same. So… I hope you come back often and see what I’m up to.. it may be painting, it may be glass, but I promise to keep sharing when I can. However… I can’t promise it will always be any good. 🙂 That’s the point isn’t it? Just keep creating… some will be better than others, sometimes it might just be sketching, but I need to make a commitment to creative work, and not let my everyday job and life get in the way of creative growth. Well… it sounds good anyway.

So, today, I have a new painting I titled, The Ride, which I started yesterday, and finished this morning.
The Ridemarked


5 comments on “Creative Thursday…

  1. I love this idea and am going to copy you! I’ll put your link in my blog post. Love “The Ride”!

  2. Naomi says:

    You are an inspiration – but mostly an amazing artist with creativity bursting in everything you do!

  3. Vicki says:

    Jennifer, I love seeing this series. It always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.

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