Illustration and Morocco….




What do these two things have in common? Well… I’ll tell you… 🙂 

Recently, I’ve been doing some paintings … birds mostly (a shocker, I know…) , and because I’ve been obsessed with this, and thanks as well to all of the amazing responses to the paintings, I’ve started to look into design, and ways to get my work out there. So, I joined an online class by Lilla Rogers called Make Art That Sells -Bootcamp ; It’s a series of assignments that help to prepare you for the illustration and design market. (Click the pic below to find out more..)



So, along with the class, I’ve been watching and exploring other artists and designer’s work and websites, and I came across an interview with Amy Butler, designer extraordinaire, who mentioned that she has a new e-magazine out called Blossom. While reading the magazine, I saw a story about a workshop Amy was holding along with April Meeker (another designer/ illustrator  extraordinaire) in Morocco. Now, Morocco has been a dream of mine forever… probably since I was 13 or so years old, and my heart skipped a beat…. There aren’t a better pair of teachers  right now for me, and I can’t deny that sometimes the stars just line up at the right time in our lives. So…. I signed up. EEEK! It’s going to be tough to gather the resources, for sure… but I have to be there. I’ve never travelled before when I wasn’t teaching, and never to Africa… AFRICA! 

So… That’s the story. I’m so excited I could burst! 

My paintings are HERE if you’re interested … they’re kind of silly and whimsical, and you can help me get to Morocco if you decide you like them enough to pick one up 🙂


Here’s a wonderful slideshow by April Meeker after a previous workshop in Morocco… I’ve watched it at least 10 times!


One comment on “Illustration and Morocco….

  1. Robyn says:

    I am just BURSTING with excitement for you! This sounds like a dream trip! I am sure you will be counting the days until November!

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