Big News!

I am opening a shop. Well… I am moving my studio to a larger location, AND opening a shop. I will actually be getting up in the morning, and leaving the house, for the first time in a LONG time. My new studio will be open to the public. It’s not a very busy area around here, so I don’t expect the shop to interfere to much with my work… lol… but I am so excited! One of my favorite things to do is design spaces in my head… this time it’s for real, and that makes it so fun! I did it once before with my bead shop in Concord, MA. , but that was a long time ago, and I’ve learned a few thing since then. I get a “do-over”!! It will be my little world… a permanent show booth where I can be working while I hang out and talk with people about what I do: The perfect version of Show & Tell. 🙂 So today, I went and picked up some stuff from Ikea, (my idea of shopping heaven) and here’s a sneak peek at my shop 🙂 The idea is that the shop decor will be neutral… black, white and grey… so that the merchandise will be the only color in the space…. what do you think?


3 comments on “Big News!

  1. Robyn says:

    I am so excited for you! Decor looks great, will be a great base from which your beads will SHINE!

  2. I love it Jen and so happy for you! I like the idea of the clean uncluttered colors, but your such a colorful person and I think you need pops of color here and there; like a cool lamp or a rug and other accent pieces here and there. Lime green, mustard, orange would look amazing against all the neutrals….Just a thought!


  3. katefowle says:

    Could there be a more perfect curtain for you??

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