Video from the studio today…

Tried getting back on the horse today, and only fell off once. I plugged back into the Ustream live feed, and apparently I can only record for so long before it just disconnects. When I tried to re-connect, it only recorded the sound. So I just deleted the second one. I’m not sure if it was an iPhone limitation, or a Ustream one, but I’ll check it out. Either way, it was fun, and a little nerve wracking to be on live. Pretty sure only one person showed up, but that’s ok. I like it when I forget I’m on, and just start to work. You can tell when that happens, because I start singing ( my apologies) and my hands stop shaking. 🙂

Will try again tomorrow. I really like doing it. it keeps me focused, and on task. I feel as if I had better keep working if someone may be watching, and as a result, I get more done. So… if you’re interested, the channel is at the following link:
If you click the link, it will take you to the last video recorded, or to the live show if I’m currently on.

Here’s a screen shot from today:


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