Step 2: Bead Soup Blog Party…

I got my beads! Lovely choice of beads, ribbon and handmade metal components made by the talented Joolz By Lisa. (aka Lisa Liddy)

The Bead Soup Blog Party has begun… Lisa should get hers any day now…. I’m afraid I was a bit of a flake and didn’t get mine to her as soon as I could have. (So what else is new?… sorry Lisa!)

What the heck am I talking about?? Check HERE.

Now…. what to do with them???

Choices….choices….this is the FUN part!!



12 comments on “Step 2: Bead Soup Blog Party…

  1. limamike says:

    Oh NEAT stuff! I’m pretty sure Lisa made those metal components, too!

  2. jennifergeldard says:

    Yup! She sure did… I’ll have to edit to make that clearer… thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. Beautiful soup and really look like your colours!

  4. joolzbylisa says:

    So gald you like them! Great photo arrangement. 😉

    I got mine today and “WOW” I love them. ideas are percolating (or is that simmering since we are talking soup!).

  5. chicandfrog says:

    The clasp and the metal element are great! What kind of beads are the grey ones? I have never seen anything similar.

    Have fun with your soup!

  6. jennifergeldard says:

    Nope… no tag… actually, they look like some kind of coral to me… or fossilized something…?

  7. I LOVE the wonderful soup you got- can’t wait to see what you do with it. It is beautiful!!! Have fun.

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