Bead Soup Blog Party!!

I’m so excited to be involved in this event! What a fun idea!

Here’s the link to see what I’m talking about….Bead Soup Blog Party!

Sign-ups are over for this year, and I’ve gotten my introductory email….

So, the deal is… you get a package in the mail… a focal bead, clasp and coordinating spacers ( and you, of course, have to send out the same to another participant) and

you use those elements to create a finished piece.  You can supplement the beads you receive with your own elements if you like, and then we all post our finished pieces… What a great way to make you get outside your own head and work with someone else’s vision…. I’m so looking forward to see what I receive and the challenge! Let the games begin!!!!

Thanks Lori for such a fun idea!

ps: the picture below is not of my beads, neither received nor sent (though quite lovely! ) … they are from a previous Bead Soup Blog Party, and the lampwork beads are made by the talented Libby Leuchtman. (whose blog is HERE)

… will keep you updated as to my own projects. 🙂


3 comments on “Bead Soup Blog Party!!

  1. joolzbylisa says:

    So glad you are playing this round, Jen! I’ve done the last 2 or 3 and it’s a ton of fun. Lots of incredible inspiration and creativity in the group.

  2. jennifergeldard says:

    I’m looking forward to it! Yay!!

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