Puppy Breath…

After all my big plans, and new organizational intentions, life threw in a little something to stir things up….


Here’s the little something…

Who, Me?


Yes… You…. You’re a bit of a freak…..


And Sunny’s not sure what to make of you….



This is Polly.

She’s a beagle/rat terrier/ miniature italian greyhound mix.

She’s going to be little.

She’s REALLY little right now… an ankle biter, in fact.

And she’s also a wonderful snuggler.

And I’m just…………………. in love.




…. when she’s asleep….LOL.


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what’s been keeping me busy…

like an infant, I race to get stuff done while she’s napping. (like right now, for instance)




3 comments on “Puppy Breath…

  1. Jane Perala says:

    AAAwwwwwww – I’m a sucker for pupplies. If I didn’t have my husband to make me be sensible, I would be overrun with dogs – lol. We have 3 already.

  2. Judy Fearn says:

    Oh, my….what a cutie! I can see why you’d be besotted!

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