The Dungeon….

A peek behind the curtain so that when I say that I am headed down into the dungeon, you’ll know I really mean it…

Here are some shots of my studio.

On my Ta Da! list someday is a basement re-do with LOTS of light…. for now, I slap a hump on my back, bang down the stairs and hang out with the spiders and their friends.





Oh, dear God….


:: Shudder::




And those are the stairs that you can hear me banging up and down on when I take a quick break during my broadcasts.

Welcome to my world… LOL!

Glamourous isn’t it?


3 comments on “The Dungeon….

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love it when you say, “Oh dear God.”

  2. Rita says:

    It looks good to me Jenn…it is a wonderful studio…my stuff is scattered all over the house…but it is like Christmas when I find a tool. etc that I have been looking for…

  3. Patti says:

    Looks like a place where a lot of stuff gets made!…I think those neat, overly designed studios indicate a place where there’s not a lot of making of stuff going on. My studio is thinly disguised as a garage and there are lots of areas that get to looking like your areas. I do clean it up once in a while, and try to get more organized, but my tables become a heap no matter what I do — if there’s not some sort of heap, it’s because I’m between projects. Anyway, your studio is lovely as-is!

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