Mario’s Muse…

I want Mario Caicedo Langer’s muse to come visit me for a bit…. she’s a bit twisted, but I like that in a muse, don’t you?


Mario is a junk sculptor from Bogota, Columbia. He used reclaimed and rescued computer and electronics parts to create his (in this case) robots. I had such fun scrolling through his images…

I thought I’d share them with you this morning. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration as well…







And my favorite……..:

You can check out the rest of Mario Caicedo Langer’s photostream on Flicker:

Have a great day everyone!

One comment on “Mario’s Muse…

  1. Robyn Scott says:

    Great stuff-I love the concept of animating the inanimate! Reminds me of an exhibitor @ the fabulous Smithsonian Craft fair in Baltimore many years ago… maybe it was him!

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