Having so much fun this morning…

The snow has stopped, and the sun came out, so I hauled on a pair of boots,

grabbed my camera and a shovel… (The camera was a reward for shoveling the walk) and headed out into the winter wonderland that is my world.

3 storms in a row in New England, and we’re buried. I love it!  My aching back is worth it.

Beauty surrounds me.




I think I’ll go downstairs into the studio and pull out the white enamel for today’s torch session…






4 comments on “Snow……white.

    • jennifergeldard says:

      Thanks Kim 🙂 I just spent some time reading your blog….and I have to hand the compliment back at you….. Great Pictures! 🙂

  1. Robyn Scott says:

    Beautiful photos, and yes beauty does indeed surround us.

    • jennifergeldard says:

      Thanks Robin…. I can only hope that I can match the beauty of your gardens this spring…. I have something to aspire to!

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