Ta Da!!!

In a recent post on Jason Mraz’s blog, he mention’s a friend who instead of having a to-do list, has a Ta-Da list!

Love that…. and I’m adopting it.

He also suggests substituting the words “I have to…” with  “I get to…” . Another wonderful idea.


On my “Ta-Da”  list today:

I get to Make Beads!!

I get to organise and clean my dining room!

I get to go to Salvation Army and drop off stuff I don’t need so someone else gets to have some cool new stuff!

AND finally,

I get to head to the supermarket and pick up the makings for something fabulous that I get to eat!!

Life continues to be so good!!!




One comment on “Ta Da!!!

  1. tosca says:

    I LOVE the, Ta Da list idea too and
    am totally adopting this one. Plus the, I get to _____


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