Solitary Confinement…

Happy New year everyone!
Sorry to have been away.
The last few weeks have been busy, but not only with the holiday festivities;
My hubby recently had to go through some unpleasant eye surgery which was being performed at Mass Eye and Ear Hospital in Boston, MA.
His appointment was smack dab in the middle of the blizzard, so we had to do a little fast shuffling of plans to keep things on target.
These days it’s not so easy to re-schedule anything in the heath industry, and if somehow we were unable to make our appointment, then the next one wouldn’t have been available until February… not what we had in mind with the pain he was going through.
So…. we left our lovely Christmas holiday in Vermont, where we were staying at the Norwich Inn…

and made our way into Boston just as the snow was beginning to fly…

We needed to find a hotel near the hospital because by morning the Blizzard would be well underway.
The closest hotel we could find turned out to be a hotel called The Liberty.
It is an absolutely amazing hotel which was once the Charles Street Jail, and they have renovated it into a cradle of luxury.
POOR Us!!! 🙂

These pictures aren’t the best in the world, but it will give you an idea…
This is the outside of the hotel taken from our floor..

And these are a couple of images that were hanging in the lobby area to give you an idea of what it once looked like:


And now:



This one is the hallway leading from the lobby to the elevators:

And here is our room…. YUM!
and the little sign you hang on your doorknob when you want privacy:





Due to the storm, road and husband conditions, we ended up staying a second night. For such a negative situation, we had a wonderful time.
If you are in Boston and get the chance, drop by the Liberty Hotel… or just drop in for a drink at Clink (hotel bar). BTW… great wines and artisan cheeses on the app menu!

And Happy New Year! Here’s to You!


2 comments on “Solitary Confinement…

  1. Lynn says:

    Only you Jen could take a not so pleasurable journey and turn it into a hallmark moment….

  2. jennifergeldard says:


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