Photo of the Day…

Inspired by all the cooking I’ve been doing lately, I give you this:

Yesterday I did my weekly grocery shopping and found myself completely enjoying myself.
Maybe it was the Christmas carols being piped into the store… maybe it was because everyone seemed to be in a happy mood because they were buying ingredients for meals that had nothing to do with turkey…
But I smiled at strangers and got into funny conversations about failed recipes.
I stopped smiling when I got home and had to haul all the crap into the house, but other than that, it was a good day.
I made pulled pork in my brand new slow cooker I bought on (Gasp!) Black friday.
A FABULOUS recipe where you do most of the cooking in root-beer !
Here’s a link if you’re interested:

So today, I’m making beef stew.
It is cooking now as I write this entry, and then I’ll do some cleaning and organizing in the house to get ready for the holidays.
Perhaps I’ll listen to some Christmas carols…. I haven’t listened to my James Taylor Christmas album since last year.
It’s time.

And yeah… I said “album”.
I can’t help it.

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