Flash Mobs….

My favorite trend in these plugged in times are these films.
I SO love Flash-mobs… the random explosion of creativity that lets loose onto the scene, submitting the unwitting citizen to
unexpected art… unplanned and surprise acts of kindness …
…Moments that lift us up and startle us…and gift us with joy….
Thank you.
Thank you to those amazing planners, actors and performers…
I don’t care what your motives are. I don’t care who pays for your acts of outrageous art…(ie: stay tuned when there’s an ad… I know, it sucks…..but hang in there. I swear it’s worth it…. sometimes you might need to click away an ad to watch the video)
Many times the original of these videos had nothing to do with their current sponsors…. so to those artists: Thank you…. YOU ROCK!
We need more of you.
You make me smile, and grin, and make me feel hopeful again.

My favorite Flash Mob scenes…..



I’ll add more as I find them.


2 comments on “Flash Mobs….

  1. Sandra Helm says:

    Jennifer – I love these! So much fun. Are you familiar with the “free hugs” videos? Also great for a mood lift. Here’s a link in case you’ve never seen one:

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