Homemade Candy-corn trials….

OK… I tried it.
And I’m not doing it again.
Following a recipe I found on Tasty Kitchen, I attempted today to make homemade candy-corn.
It all started out just fine.
And the final 2 doz. or so corns (ears? …nibblets?? ) look OK (in a sort-of sad and pathetic way).
My feeling is that I perhaps cooked the sugars a bit too long…who knows.

But now every surface of my kitchen is sticky, and I was yelling at pots, ….
my cats got scared and left the room.

By the time the “dough” was cool enough to work with, and the food coloring was incorporated into the mass of sticky stuff, it was hardening too quickly to roll out the 3 snakes of color. So I rolled out very small samples just so I could finish the project.
In the end, I had a couple dozen candies, and a few candy-corn dough boulders. Which were thrown into the trash with a satisfying “Thunk!”

It was a good honest try…
I think next time I attempt candy-corn, they will be made of glass….. seems a heck of a lot easier to me.

On a more positive note, (because it’s always best to look at the bright side)… my hands smell really good!



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