Alien Invasion…

Started production yesterday. I used to hate production work, but yesterday it was comforting… giving myself a goal, and trying to stick to it.

Yup! A couple of beads  went into the fugly bowl, but I was pleased with these ones.

This is an old style that I haven’t done in a while, and it was fun to push the limits of weirdness and go a bit nuts with them.

They always reminded me of something someone might wear on Star Trek.  Alien Pods of some kind. Maybe I should pursue selling at sci-fi conventions…I think Klingons would dig these.

Anyway… only 16 more to go before I’m allowed to change styles. However, I will be taking a break to work on the tutorial!

4 comments on “Alien Invasion…

  1. Manu says:

    The secret to humour is surprise.

    Love surprises, love your sense of humour ☺… and your beads.

    ♥ Manuela

  2. I think they’re cool! I wish I had your determination on the production beads. I’m in limbo here with my own “Mom situation.”

  3. OK i’ve gone through your blog a bit now and I have to say that you’re my new favorite bead maker!

    Enjoy your break from your “job” of teaching and selling and revel in the time to create. I’m taking a similar break for a time but not for the same reasons. I recently retired and have been letting my focus be on creating and blogging rather than marketing. I’ve even found that my medium has changed for the time being.

    I look forward to seeing more of your blogging and beads.


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