I’ve been playing around with chain.
I’m a big fan of “sticky-outy” stuff in my necklaces and bracelets and wanted to
work on some ideas that have been simmering in the dark scary recesses of my brain lately.
So here, I used brass chain and altered it with enameled copper dumbbells.
I like the twig-like look of it.

So of course I made a bird to match and be the focal point… along with a metallic feather that goes beautifully with the oxidized copper don’t you think? And I also made a little pink enameled heart to dangle in there somewhere. The last step will be to make a Copper Clay clasp. I’ll oxidize that, and then put it all together.

Since I was already working with the copper wire, I also wove a little copper nest. The eggs came out of the kiln this morning, along with Mama ( I didn’t get a picture of her yet… she’s shy).

And on a completely unrelated topic…. aren’t these tangerines pretty? I don’t think I’ve ever seen
citrus at the supermarket with leaves still attached. It sold me…. had to take them home.


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