A Windy Day…

I’m up early this morning. Max starts High school this year, and he’s got an orientation session today. Time is speeding up …. I want to dig in my heels and slow it all down. My little boy is getting taller, and his voice is getting lower. So much so that I often mistake him for his father on the telephone.  I’m trying to slow down and pay more attention to every minute these days…  I feel like I’m struggling against some great wind and my life is flying past me.  Breathe in…. breathe out… breathe in…. breathe out…… Ohm….Ohmmmm……sigh..

Off to awaken the man-child……… I hope you have a beautiful day, everyone.



One comment on “A Windy Day…

  1. Mallory says:

    The time goes by so quickly. Live in the moment and cherish each second.

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